Friday, April 28, 2017

By Kassidy Rineer

It's that time of the semester, once again, where the projects pile on and the stress levels are through the roof. It's important to take care of yourself! Because of this, last night the gallery was opened additional hours from 6-8pm to host a Stress Relief Night. Our fabulous intern, Sarah Bustillo, planned a night of stress-free activities.

The night began with some coloring as the guests all fit onto one table so everyone could color and talk together. They listened to mellow music and expressed how excited they were to hang their finished projects up on their walls or refrigerators.

Then, to add fun into the stress-free event, there was a trivia game with awesome prizes. Each guest took their coloring sheets home, expressing how excited they were to hang them on their walls or refrigerators. Congratulations to Melissa for getting first place in trivia and Emily for coming in second!

Guests could leave with "Finals Survival Guides", stress week kits with tea and highlighters, inspiring quotes on cards, and plenty of snacks. Our favorite detail of the event were the little snack bowls with puns! An encourage-mint, Take a break (from studying) with Kit-Kats, and a pack of Smarties for all the smart people out there.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


By Kassidy Rineer
How did you hear about Eckhaus? Why did you want to get involved?
  o   I heard about Eckhaus actually just passing it a couple times since I live right down the block! I didn't know much since I’m not an art major so I never really heard word of mouth about the gallery but after a quick google search I learned more. I wanted to get involved because I have interned everywhere but my college town, so I felt the need to see what it's like and to give back on a smaller scale.

   What would you tell someone who has never heard of Eckhaus?
  o   I would tell them to give it a chance, leave your comfort zone and experience something that your peers take the time to do. I would tell them how welcoming and accepting Eckhaus is and how much opportunity there is to express yourself in so many ways. 

     What are your responsibilities at Eckhaus?
     o   Besides normal duties during gallery hours, as Social Media & PR intern, I deal with face and name of the gallery. I am run our Instagram, Facebook, and website to update on current or upcoming events. I also post to get our followers engaged with wanting to be more involved not only with the university but as well as the gallery. Being PR, you have to do a subtle job to help bring awareness and exposure to what we do.

·      What year are you and what’s your major? Why’d you choose that major?
     o   I am a Senior Communication Studies major with a triple minor in Professional Writing, Public Relations and New Media and Digital Communication. I choose Communication Studies because It just fits me so well, it's exactly what will prepare me for the future, I really wish I could put into words how obsessed I am with my major, it's something special about a person when they're a Communications major.

·      Tell me a random fact about yourself.
  o   A random fact?? I have so many but one is that I collect fashion magazines, I think at some point I had over at least 200.

·      What do you do in your spare time?
  o    My spare time, if I have any at this point but when I do unwind I like to online shop, tweet, read and spend time with my roommates and sorority.

·      What does art mean to you?
  o   Art to me is complex and lined with history. I feel like art is in everything we do, create or admire even if we don't quite understand it, everyone has their own perspective of how they create or feel about art which is amazing because you get to see a glimpse into someone's world.

·      Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
     o   Well in five years, I hope to be in Manhattan still working in editorial or fashion. Enjoying my 20’s, traveling, meeting new people, learning more of my craft and career. See where life takes me.

·      What’s the most valuable thing you learned while interning at Eckhaus?
  o   The most valuable thing I have learned so far being part of the Eckhaus team is time management and how much work really goes into event planning. It takes a lot to get things created, people to come to things etc. It just shows a lot of commitment to even make a little difference.

·      What have you learning about yourself while doing interning?
  o   I have learned to be more open-minded than I already thought I was such as events I wouldn't like or music or art. I learned how much I appreciate like minded individuals, that there is a lot of good in this world, I’ve gotten to know a lot of students and personalities and excited to see what they're capable of doing one day.